Pastor Letter February 28, 2021

Dear Parish Family,

Welcome to the second week of Lent. I trust that you are being faithful to your Lenten promises. Faithful to whatever you are giving up or giving over to God during these forty days. As you move along in this Lenten season, I pray for you that it is a time of great spiritual engagement with God. I pray that whatever you have decided to do this Lent, that it is for your spiritual enrichment. I also pray that you are growing in your love for and service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever you are giving up or giving over it needs to be something for your own ultimate benefit. These weeks of Lent are given to us so that we may grow in the love of God and realize how much God genuinely loves us. None of us is perfect. God knows that and is always there to help us move forward on our journey towards him.

Last week, I asked you to ask God what do you want me to do? Maybe you were able to do this and, in your prayer, you heard God speak to you about what He would like you to do. Move forward with that information and do the best you can. What God is asking can be very simple or complicated – it really all depends on how you are living your life. The bottom line is that God is with all of us offering whatever we need to get us through whatever challenges exist in our lives. The objective is to trust God and move forward with whatever He tells you in your prayer.

The Gospel today is a challenging one. The disciples – Peter, James, and John – who went with Jesus to the top of the mountain experienced something totally foreign to them. They actually saw Moses and Elijah on the mountain top. They also heard the voice of God when he said, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” With the utterance of these words, Moses and Elijah depart, leaving the three disciples alone with Jesus. From all that they have seen and heard, Peter, James, and John should have no doubt that Jesus is God’s Son. What remains for them to understand is how Jesus’ Transfiguration in glory is tied to his future death and Resurrection. To answer this quandary, Mark ends this piece of the Gospel with the words, “So they kept the matter to themselves, questioning what rising from the dead meant.”

We had a minor transfiguration this past week in the second -grade class from our School of Religion receiving their First Reconciliation. The joy of the Lord shines through them when they have understood and accept the merciful presence of the Lord in the absolution prayer. These “Little Sheep” remind us of the innocence and hope that Christ is willing to bring to all of us this Lent.

Every Sunday evening around 8PM my family and few close friends log on for a Family Zoom. My sister lives in Summerlin, Nevada which is within the city limits of Las Vegas. Their parish is Holy Spirit and it’s a brand new church, even larger than Our Lady Star of the Sea and they had a Lenten retreat day and as a parish they came up with a wonderful theme: Resurrecting Hope. They even had this made into cloth masks to remind themselves of the coming glory of the Lord. We certainly all need hope as we plod through winter slush and snow. May the Transfiguration of Jesus be real for each of us as we journey through Lent and prepare our hearts for the Sacrament of Confession. On the Monday of Holy Week, there will be a Lenten Reconciliation Time for confessions from 3-9PM. Also, every Saturday between 3:30 and through the two vigil Masses confessions will be heard in our church.

I pray that this upcoming week be filled with many blessings for you and your families. A continued blessed Lent to you all.


Father Tom Devery